History of the Divers Alert Network

DAN is a unique organisation dedicated to safety, education and research in the scuba diving community.

DAN was founded in 1980 at Duke University Medical Centre in the United States with a 24-hour Emergency Hotline. This Hotline assisted in the treatment of underwater diving accidents by providing information to injured divers and the medical personnel who cared for them.

To fund its ongoing existence, DAN established a membership program, initially providing subscribers with a diving accident manual and regular newsletter, Alert Diver, which dealt with various issues of diving safety.

As DAN grew, it expanded its operations to provide a free evacuation service to Members, diving injury treatment insurance as well as a variety of other services, including a highly effective and successful oxygen provision program designed specifically for divers. Another important function of DAN became the collation and analysis of data on diving accidents and fatalities to improve the understanding of the causes of such accidents and to develop better treatment methods.

Today, the Divers Alert Network relies on Membership and Supporters within the dive industry and product sales to fund the provision of the high level of service the dive community has become accustomed to receiving.

The work of the Divers Alert Network is strongly supported within the recreational diving community and this is evident by Membership numbers, which presently exceed 300,000 divers worldwide.