DAN Asia-Pacific Financials

DAN Asia-Pacific operates as a not-for-profit organisation and is subject to an annual audit by independent auditors.

The 2013 /2014 financial year saw growth in all areas.

Gross income increased by 7% comprising of an increase in Membership, now with a total of 10,561 members, which is an increase of 602 members from the 2012-13 financial year. Interest income was also higher due to better rates of interest on invested amounts.

The operating surplus of $100,221 has decreased slightly due to significant increases in insurance, payroll, accounting fees, freight and overseas travel costs.

Net assets have increased by 0.38% to $2,166,859. This is not as high as expected due to a decrease of $20K in the DAN AP Office building re-evaluation and there was also the removal of a $20K Motor Vehicle from the asset pool. Another temporary grant had been provided by DAN America.

An outline of Revenue and incurred Expenses are provided below.


Membership & Insurance 68%
Training 6%
Product Sales (incl Freight) 10%
Other 16%


Wages (incl Super) 35%
Membership 30%
Product 7%
Postage & Freight 8%
Advertising 2.5%
Telephones/Hotlines 1%
Travel 4%
Other 12.5%

CLICK HERE to view the DAN AP Profilt and Loss Statement (2013-14)