Conditions of Use of the DAN World Logo

DAN World Supporters are in a unique position of being able to use the DAN World Supporter logo while being a current and active DAN World Supporter and upon receiving formal approval from the DAN Team.

As a DAN World Supporter you can be granted permission to use the DAN World Supporter logo in your own advertising and promotional efforts as well as on your website.  Should you wish to do this you are also required to include a link to the DAN World website (

Points on Using the Logo

  • The DAN World logo should not be the focal point of the advertisement or promotional material.
  • In no way should your material suggest that DAN endorses your product, services or business, or that your company is part of the DAN Network.
  • You should present your material from the perspective of being a proud Supporter of the Divers Alert Network.


Should you wish to include the DAN Asia-Pacific Supporter logo in your advertising or promotions you need to contact the DAN office and request a copy of the logo to ensure the highest quality. You must only use logos provided by DAN.

No print work should proceed to print until DAN World has officially approved the artwork and the use of the DAN logo/icons. Therefore, you must send a copy of your proposed artwork to DAN for approval.

The DAN World Supporter logo should not be used in advertisements and promotional materials that disparage your competition.  As a public service, Divers Alert Network supports all responsible divers and diving enterprises.

Obtaining the DAN World Logo

Email with your request or call +61 3 9886 9166 and request to speak to a member from the Marketing Department.


Please note, approval to use the DAN logo can be withdrawn at any time by DAN World if we determine that your business is:

  • Using the logo contrary to the conditions stated above; and/or
  • Acting in a manner that is contrary to safe dive practices; and/or
  • Acting in a manner that is not supportive to DAN.

If approval is withdrawn, use of the DAN logo must be removed from all materials (including website, brochures, and cards) within 14 days of written notice being sent to you by DAN World.

By requesting permission to use the DAN World logo you are agreeing to the above conditions of use.