"I've dived for 10 years and completed 680 dives and I never thought I would have DCI, but I did. Thanks to DAN I was able to recover very well. I hope you are covered by DAN, so you too will have someone to count on in the very possible event of a scuba diving accident. DAN was of great help from the moment they received the call about my condition; their professionalism and care was so efficient and touching." - Seung Hee, Korea

Exclusions Applicable to Pre-existing or Predisposing Conditions:

No benefit will be paid under any plan for charges in connection with any injury or illness arising directly or indirectly from any Pre-existing or Predisposing or Condition – the only exception to this is a previous case of Decompression Illness (DCI) that has been declared to DAN and accepted by the insurers.  

Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions which existed and for which diagnosis, treatment and/or medication was received within the 12 months prior to taking out the insurance.

Predisposing conditions are any condition that you have prior to taking out the insurance which may put you at risk of having a diving accident. These include, but are not limited to, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease or cardiac condition, previous DCI or major surgery.

It is your duty to disclose any predisposing or pre-existing conditions to DAN.