"We recommend DAN Membership to our clients travelling to dive destinations throughout the South Pacific and beyond. As DAN Members, our clients travel with the reassurance of knowing if they encounter a diving related incident while travelling, they will receive advice and assistance from an Organisation whose existence is for Divers and has an understanding of the associated risks, medical symptoms and the importance of timely evacuation and medical treatment." - Markus Wunderlich travel&co

DAN AP Instructor "Conditions of Use" of the DAN AP Licensed Instructor Logo and RTO Information

As a DAN AP Instructor you are in the unique position of being permitted to include the DAN AP Licensed Instructor logo on your website.

Should you wish to include the DAN Licensed Instructor logo on any printed promotional material you must send a proof of the item to DAN Asia-Pacific for approval (marketing@danap.org) first.

The DAN Instructor logo should not be the focal point of the advertisement/promotional material. In no way should your material suggest that DAN endorses your business/product/service, or that your company is part of the DAN Network.

Further, the DAN Instructor logo should not be used in materials that disparage your competition. As a public service, DAN supports all responsible divers and diving enterprises. You should present your material from the perspective of being a proud Supporter of DAN.

Approval to use the DAN Instructor logo can be withdrawn at any time by DAN Asia-Pacific if we determine that your business is:

  • Using the Licensed Instructor Logo contrary to the conditions stated above; and/or
  • Acting in a manner that is contrary to safe diving practices; and/or
  • Acting in a manner that is not supportive to DAN.

If approval is withdrawn, the use of the DAN Instructor logo must be removed from all materials (including website, brochures, business cards etc) within 14 days of written notice being sent to you by DAN Asia-Pacific.

If you have any questions re these Conditions please send an email to marketing@danap.org.

To request the DAN AP Licensed Instructor logo send an email to marketing@danap.org.

Special conditions apply to advertising Nationally Recognised Courses under the auspices of DAN AP. On your website and in all promotional materials you must include the following:

Training is provided under the auspices of Divers Alert Network (DAN) Asia-Pacific Ltd Registered Training Organisation 4659.

See the DAN Instructor Manual for more information.

DAN AP Licensed Instructor Logo