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Nationally Recognised Training

The Divers Alert Network (DAN) Asia-Pacific Ltd has been granted registration as a Private Provider of Vocational Education and Training (RTO 4659). As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), DAN Asia-Pacific is registered to deliver the following programs:

The accreditation provides a good opportunity for DAN Asia-Pacific Licensed Trainers to deliver these programs to a broad audience, including governmental departments and training institutions, as well as to the general community. However, there are associated obligations that must be met.

Because continued registration is subject to compliance with certain conditions and procedures, DAN Asia-Pacific and its licensed First Aid Trainers are obliged to maintain appropriate standards and conditions pertaining to:

  • Promotion of Nationally Accredited Courses
  • Delivery of Nationally Accredited Courses
  • Registration of Nationally Accredited Courses

To this end, DAN Asia-Pacific has introduced procedures that must be adhered to by its licensed Trainers. Failure by a Trainer to adhere to these conditions and procedures can lead to the revocation of the Trainer's license to teach DAN programs.

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