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DAN Membership & Insurance

What is DAN World Membership?
DAN World Membership covers the cost of an Emergency Medical Evacuation and provides a range of other Travel Assistance benefits. It does not cover any associated treatment costs. DAN World Membership also includes a range of other benefits.
What is DAN World Insurance?
DAN World offers a range of Dive Injury Insurance plans, which are offered in addition to DAN Membership. These plans provide coverage for treatment and certain other costs associated with a covered diving accident as per terms and conditions of the policy. DAN World exclusively offers Members access to these dive injury insurance plans only at the time of joining or renewing their Membership.
What is the evacuation service? Isn’t that the insurance?
A benefit of DAN Membership is the Emergency Evacuation service, DAN TravelAssist. It is a Member benefit that, in the event of an emergency you need to be airlifted to a medical facility, and you are more than 80km from home, you can access this service through DAN without a fee. You can use this service during any emergency - even a non-diving one. In order to use this Member benefit you MUST first contact DAN Travel Assist. No, the Evacuation Coverage is part of your DAN Membership, it is not insurance.
Does the TravelAssist Emergency Evacuation benefit cover both diving and non-diving incidents?
Yes, so long as you are 80km from your residential address. The 80km is measured as a direct route by air (i.e. as the crow flies).
Can I apply for DAN World Membership only?
Can I apply for Insurance only?
No. It is a prerequisite that you are a DAN World Member to be eligible to apply for DAN Dive Injury (Treatment) Insurance.
Can I add Insurance once my Membership has started?
No. If you would like to add Dive Injury Insurance to your Membership it must be applied for at the same time that your DAN World membership application is lodged. Insurance cannot be added at a later date.
What is the coverage period for DAN Membership and the Dive Injury Insurance Plans?
What are the main differences between the DAN Dive Injury Insurance Plans?
Please refer to the comparison table in the Membership and Insurance section, which summarises the differences between each plan. CLICK HERE
Are any countries excluded from DAN TravelAssist (Emergency Evacuation) Services?

It is the responsibility of the Member to inquire as to whether a country/region is "open" for assistance prior to his/her departure. The following list will provide some guidance but must not be used as a definitive listing as it will change from time to time. The following countries/regions are not approved for travel assistance benefits at this time: Afghanistan, Antarctica, Arctic Circle, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgystan, Liberia, Mali, Mongolia, Muritania, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Russia (East of the Urals), Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tibet, Venezuela, Yemen and regions where the altitude is greater than 10,000 feet.  Please contact DAN TravelAssist to confirm which countries are excluded for your expected dates of travel. For limitations on coverage under the DAN dive accident insurance programs, please contact the DAN World Team via (Updated:  1 Jan, 2020)

What does DAN mean when it states that DAN Insurance is secondary insurance cover?
If you have any other pre-existing insurance policies, e.g. travel insurance, health insurance, ambulance cover, your DAN policy becomes secondary coverage and will pay up to 100% of all remaining eligible expenses. Please provide DAN with your existing insurance policy details. If, however, you do not have any other insurance policies DAN will pay up to 100% of all eligible expenses.
Can I change my policy mid-year, for example change my Insurance Plan option or add family members?
No. As such please take your time to consider the year ahead and what coverage both you and your applicable family members may need.
Are Snorkelling, Freediving and Spearfishing covered by DAN World's Dive Injury (Treatment) Insurance?
Treatment for injuries resulting from recreational snorkelling, freediving and spearfishing is covered under the Master, Preferred and Preferred Plus Plans as per terms and conditions of the policy, this excludes any competition-related activity.
Should I also take out Travel Insurance?
Yes. DAN always encourages divers to take out travel insurance in addition to their DAN coverage when they travel. Travel Insurance offers coverage for things that are not covered by DAN Membership or Insurance, such as medical treatment for non-diving illnesses and accidents and lost luggage.
Do I also Need General Medical Insurance?
If you live in a country where you are not covered by an adequate National Medical Health Scheme, then you definitely should have General Medical Insurance to provide coverage for non-diving accidents and illnesses occurring in your country of residence. The DAN Dive Injury Treatment Insurance plans provide coverage for covered diving accidents only. The Master and Preferred Plans do not cover medical expenses for non-diving medical problems. The Preferred Plus Plan (available only to Members who live outside Australia) provides coverage for non-diving accident medical coverage only if you are outside your country of residence for a maximum period of 3 months. It does not provide coverage if the non-diving accident occurs within your country of residence.
Does DAN offer liability insurance for diving professionals?
Does DAN cover lost/stolen dive equipment?
Can I apply for coverage if I live on a boat?
If you are living on a boat and travelling on the boat for periods greater than three-months you cannot join DAN World, rather you will need to join DAN World forTravellers:,
If I want to dive deeper than 50 metres on the Preferred Plan, what certification do I need?
With the Preferred Plan it is stated that a person is covered for a Diving Accident sustained on a dive to any depth provided that the Insured was experienced, held appropriate certification for the dive, and was using appropriate breathing gas mixes and equipment during the dive or Repetitive Dive Series. The Preferred Plan is partly designed to provide higher coverage limits for those who desire these. It is also designed to provide coverage for a ‘technical’ diver who has the required training and/or experience to dive in reasonable safety beyond 50m, as long as they are doing so using appropriate equipment and breathing gas. This limitation was introduced to encourage divers to think carefully and be appropriately prepared before they undertake very deep dives. In the event of a claim for a dive beyond 50m, the appropriateness of a particular dive may be assessed by suitable diving medical and/or technical experts looking at the divers training and certification, as well as their experience at or around the depth of the dive where the accident occurred, to determine if the dive plan was reasonable for that diver. Please refer to the Policy Wording for full details.
If I am lost at sea or otherwise stranded or lost on land or at sea, is "Search and Rescue" covered with my Membership Evacuation benefit?
No, Emergency Evacuation does not include efforts to locate a person (injured or un-injured) whose location is unknown, or efforts to rescue such persons from a dangerous situation or location.
A number of insurance companies offer insurance. What is the DAN advantage?
DAN are the experts in diving accident management, with a vast network and experience in dealing with dive emergencies throughout the world. DAN is Your Dive Safety Association and because of this you receive more than just an insurance policy. You receive all the benefits of Membership, such as TravelAssist benefits and access to Medical Information. Plus you will be helping support the funding/provision of 24-hour Diving Hotlines throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
Is DAN owned by any of the training agencies?
No. DAN World is an independent not-for-profit organisation with its head office in Melbourne, Australia. We are part of the International Network of DAN Dive Safety Associations with worldwide membership exceeding 300,000. We endeavour to work co-operatively with each of the training agencies in our quest to improve safety in recreational diving for all divers. We are not owned by any training agency, business or shareholders, we are an association.
What happens when a government or international agency issues a travel safety warning about a particular country or region – is DAN Membership and Insurance benefits still valid?
Regarding evacuations, transportation arrangements and other TravelAssist benefits that are a part of every DAN Membership, DAN’s Assistance company will make every effort to evacuate or assist an injured member as long as it is deemed safe to do so at the time the Member requires it. Delays however may occur when locations are experiencing civil unrest or infrastructure facilities are impaired by natural disasters, war or other violence or catastrophes. Periodic, government or international agency travel warnings alone would not negate an appropriate attempt to provide an emergency medical evacuation or repatriation. For example, if a travel warning was issued and the nearest airport was closed due to war, terrorism, violence, riots, natural disasters, etc., preventing a Members evacuation, DAN TravelAssist would attempt to provide assistance via other locations or other means or at the next earliest available time, subject to TravelAssist standard provisions. DAN’s optional dive accident insurance is valid for dive medical treatment expenses that occur as a result of a covered diving accident. If a travel advisory were issued for a country or area and the Member was treated at a medical facility during the period that the travel advisory was in effect, the Member would still be able to file a claim with their DAN insurance upon returning home or at a later date up to 1 year following the accident.
If I make a donation to DAN what is it used for and is it tax deductible
Donations are gratefully accepted and used to further DAN World’s work to improve diving safety, help injured divers and prevent diving accidents but they are not tax deductible.

Application Process

Who can apply for DAN World Insurance?
Any recreational diver or snorkeller, (including instructors and divemasters supervising recreational diving activities), who is a Member of DAN World and is 12 years of age or older. It's also available to certain research divers & underwater photographers. Coverage is not available for commercial diving other than those activities specified.
Who is eligible for a family membership?
A Family Membership is defined as you and your Spouse or Domestic Partner or dependent; Child if unmarried and under 18 yrs old or; your unmarried child who is 18 yrs old or until his or her 24th birthday if that child, a) is enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited school or college and; b) is not employed on a full-time basis; and c) has the same home permanent address as the parent.
DOMESTIC PARTNER means a person who is at least eighteen years of age and the Eligible Person can show: 1) evidence of financial interdependence, such as joint bank accounts or credit cards, jointly owned property, and mutual life insurance or pension beneficiary designations; 2) evidence of cohabitation for at least the previous {6} months; and 3) an affidavit of domestic partnership if recognised by the jurisdiction within which they reside.
Note: If applying as Domestic Partners you must be able to show evidence of all items mentioned in 1,2 and 3.
Can I take out insurance cover for all my family members?
If all the members in your Family Membership are divers then 'yes'. Dive Injury Plans are per person. Each family member is permitted to take out a different Dive Injury Insurance Plan depending on his/her individual needs. If you have members under your family membership who are not divers they need not apply for dive insurance cover, however they will be covered for TravelAssist benefits, including Emergency Evacuation, under your Family Membership.
I’ve applied on-line, now what?
  • Once you successfully submit your application online, coverage is immediate. You will be sent email confirmation with your Member Number and instructions to create your user account for our Member Portal (where you can manage your own information and access diving health and safety content).
What information must I disclose about a pre-existing / pre-disposing medical condition, serious injury or previous decompression illness (DCI)?
It is important that you notify the DAN team of any significant injury or medical condition you have suffered or are currently suffering from, as well as regular medications you are taking. This requirement is not onerous and is there to help guide our members to discuss any potential problems with a diving doctor, if appropriate. You can do this directly from the online application form or by downloading a declaration form (click here). You need to mark the relevant section of the form and submit it with your application. In some cases, the diver may be required to obtain a Fitness to Dive certificate in accordance with the guidelines of the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (SPUMS). However, in most cases to date, no further action is necessary. The information also provides us with some valuable information about the types of conditions that people are diving with.
Are any exclusions applicable to Pre-existing or Predisposing Medical Conditions?
No benefit will be paid under any plan for charges in connection with any injury or illness arising directly or indirectly from any Predisposing or Pre-existing Condition – the only exception to this is a previous case of Decompression Illness (DCI) that has been declared to DAN and accepted by the insurers.
Predisposing conditions are any condition that you have prior to taking out the insurance which may put you at risk of having a diving accident. These include, but are not limited to, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease or cardiac condition, previous DCI or major surgery.
Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions which existed and for which diagnosis, treatment and/or medication was received within the 12 months prior to taking out the insurance. It is your duty to disclose any predisposing or pre-existing conditions to DAN.
I am not a resident of the Asia-Pacific region what do I do?
• If you do not intend to reside in the Asia-Pacific region for longer than 3 months then you will need to join the DAN organisation that relates to your place of permanent residency.
• If you intend to reside in Australia for greater than 3 months then you can join DAN World. However, if you are also planning to purchase the optional dive injury (treatment) insurance then you will need to be intending to reside in Australia for a period of 6 months or longer.
• If you intend to reside in another country within the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) for a period greater than 3 months then you will need to join DAN World and you have the opportunity to purchase the optional dive injury (treatment) insurance, providing that your stay is 3 months or longer. Please note should you make a claim on your optional dive injury (treatment) insurance you may be required to provide evidence of your long-term residency in the region for your claim to be approved.


What happens if I am moving or travelling for an extended period away from the address of my DAN registration?
Whenever you move from the address of residence used when you enrolled as a DAN World Member, you must inform DAN World of your new address: phone +61 3 9886 9166 or email This is important for insurance regulation purposes and to make sure you receive all the important Member notices and safety information benefits you are entitled to. If you will be moving out of the country of your DAN Registration, or away for an extended period (3 months or more), it is important that you notify the DAN team in order to ensure a claim is approved in the event of an accident, and, that you have the appropriate cover for your new country of residence (or where you will be traveling most of the time).
I have a residence in the Asia-Pacific region but I travel a lot for work. Can I still apply for DAN World coverage?
DAN coverage is based on where you are physically living the majority of the time. Contact the DAN Office to discuss your personal situation: or call +61-3-9886 9166.
If DAN is a worldwide organisation why do I need to change region when I move to other parts of the world?
If you live in another country (other than from where you joined DAN) for an extended period of time you might fall under the insurance laws set out by that country which could be different in some ways to those on which your policy is structured. As such, it is essential that you inform DAN World when you are planning move to another country for a period or three or more months as some of your benefits may be effected.


Who do I call in the event of an accident or emergency?
Please review DAN’s Emergency Procedures here
Does DAN TravelAssist need to arrange evacuations?
Yes. DAN TravelAssist MUST arrange all evacuations if they are to be paid for by DAN TravelAssist. The determination of the need for an emergency evacuation or medical repatriation will be made by DAN TravelAssist in consultation with a local attending physician and payment will be made direct to the evacuation provider by DAN TravelAssist.
What is a Covered Diving Accident?
A Covered Dive means a recreational dive or diving while a scuba instructor, dive master, underwater photographer, or while performing research under the auspices and following the diving safety guidelines equivalent to the American Academy of Underwater Scientists (AAUS). A Covered Dive begins upon entry into the water and ceases upon exit from the water. A Covered Dive must begin while Insurance is in force. A Diving Accident means an Illness or Bodily Injury that occurs during a Covered Dive. An Accident means a sudden, unexpected, unusual, specific event that occurs at an identifiable time and place during a Covered Dive.


How do I make a claim on the Dive Injury Insurance?
Follow the procedures outlined here