Procedure to Be Used Following an Accident

The below procedures are to be followed by a DAN Member (or someone acting on behalf of a Member) in the event of a diving accident or a non-diving emergency.

All Members should familiarise themselves with these procedures in order to minimise any confusion at the time of an accident. Click on the below steps to find out more information.

For Diving Emergencies

Step 1 - Call one of the DAN-Supported 24-Hour dive emergency hotlines. CLICK HERE

Note: Any injured diver is able to call an Emergency Hotline for advice; however, DAN World can only implement emergency procedures and cover associated costs for current DAN World Members, within the limits of their coverage.

Step 2 - If the doctor advises that an evacuation is required, then DAN TravelAssist must be called. CLICK HERE

For Non-Diving Emergencies

In the event of a non-diving emergency, the DAN Member should contact DAN TravelAssist by dialling the USA direct on +1-919-684 9111 or by using the international operator to put through a COLLECT call to the USA on 919-684 9111. The DAN TravelAssist operator will take relevant details and will arrange for a physician to be consulted. Following medical advice, DAN TravelAssist will determine the best course of action and make any necessary arrangements.